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Oral Cancer Screenings in Copperas Cove

Oral cancer may not be as heavily discussed as common cavities and periodontal disease in the dentist’s office, but that doesn’t mean the condition isn’t something to worry about. In fact, the statistics surrounding it are staggering – one person dies from oral cancer in America every hour on average, and nearly half of the tens of thousands of patients positively diagnosed this year won’t survive five more years. This happens because oral cancer typically isn’t identified as such until it’s reached advanced stages, resulting in greatly reduced chances of recovery. At Benchmark Family Dental, our doctors take this threat very seriously – that’s why we make oral cancer screenings with Identifi technology a critical part of every routine check-up.

With the power of Identifi, locating the presence of oral cancer is easier and more accurate than ever before. The process will involve the patient rinsing their mouth with a special solution and then having it exposed to the Identifi wand. Any potentially cancerous or precancerous areas will be illuminated in a distinctly different way than surrounding healthy tissue, allowing us to pinpoint them and help you take the next step towards a biopsy and a solid diagnosis.

All adults should undergo an oral cancer screening with Identifi at least once a year. Common risk factors for the disease include heavy smoking and drinking, being a man over forty or a woman between the ages of 20 and 40, and autoimmune deficiencies like those found with diabetes and HIV. However, it’s important to remember that nearly 25% of oral cancer cases manifest in patients who don’t exhibit any of these factors.

Although the situation can seem dire for oral cancer patients, there is light at the end of the tunnel – cases that are diagnosed early enough have a much higher chance of being treated successfully. Patients from all over Central Texas are encouraged to contact our Copperas Cove, Tx practice today and schedule an appointment!