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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I come in for a check-up?

Patients who have moderately good oral health should visit Benchmark Family Dental every six months (or twice each year) for a routine check-up and cleaning with our team. These visits are crucial because they allow us to locate damage and infection at the earliest stages, which potentially protects patients from more significant pain and cost down the road. If your teeth are overly sensitive to decay or you’re struggling with periodontal disease, we may recommend more frequent appointments so that we can help you keep those concerns under control here in Copperas Cove, Tx.

How do you ensure your patients’ safety?

The Centers for Disease Control and OSHA have strict guidelines, and our doctors make sure to follow each and every one to a tee. We sterilize reusable instruments with the help of an autoclave before thoroughly sealing them until the next time they’re used. Additionally, we sterilize treatment rooms from top-to-bottom between visits and use disposable products (including gloves) whenever feasible for additional protection.

My gums bleed after I brush. Is something I should worry about?

The presence of oral bleeding should always be taken seriously. It may be a sign that you’re brushing too aggressively. This is also a common symptom of the early stage of periodontal disease (also known as gingivitis), which can cause severe dental problems and even tooth loss if left untreated too long. Our team will review your condition during a routine check-up, taking care to identify tell-tale indications and providing support and treatment where needed to restore your oral health and eliminate oral bleeding. Our goal is to help you enjoy a thriving smile for life!  

My smile isn’t in the best condition. Do I need to be worried about feeling judged at Benchmark Family Dental?

Our team isn’t interested in making patients feel embarrassed or ashamed about their oral health – instead, we congratulate you for making the important decision to pursue a healthier, happier smile! We’ll work with you to devise the perfect treatment plan for addressing your dental needs that fits your schedule and budget.

Can you help me improve the way my smile looks?

Definitely! A variety of cosmetic dentistry options are available at our practice for patients from Bell County, Lampasas County, and other nearby areas. Porcelain veneers and Lumineers can transform the look of certain teeth dramatically, while teeth whitening erases unsightly stains and discoloration. Your smile may also benefit from direct bonding, Invisalign, or aesthetic-minded restorative solutions like tooth-colored fillings and dental implants. During a cosmetic consultation, our doctors can discuss these treatments in more detail and help you determine which work best for you.

What will my dental insurance cover?

No two dental insurance plans are exactly alike. Some policies are designed to cover 50% or even more of your fees, while others’ benefits are significantly smaller. In most cases, your insurance will cover preventive care and some restorative services, while cosmetic options are typically not included. If you’re interested in elective dental care, Benchmark Family Dental offers low-interest financing through CareCredit and a 90 day in-office plan to help make pursuing your best smile easier and more affordable. Please contact us if you have any questions!

How can I pay for my dental care?

Our Copperas Cove, Tx practice accepts most dental insurance plans, third-party financing, 90 day in-office financing, cash, checks, and all major credit cards. If you’re in need of help with selecting the option that’s right for you, please give us a call.

The thought of dental care makes me anxious. Can you help?

Fear of the dentist is a common problem among younger patients and older patients alike. At Benchmark Family Dental, we understand this problem well, and we want to help you have a better, more soothing care experience. With sedation dentistry, our team can take the edge off negative emotions and help patients feel genuinely relaxed as we improve their oral health and beauty.

Does dental care hurt?

Your comfort is always a top priority with our doctors and team members, and we’ll go out of our way to ensure a smooth, pain-free experience. Sedation dentistry is available, as well local anesthesia delivered with The Wand for comfortable, precise numbing.

Does your office use lasers?

Yes! Soft tissue lasers have transformed common procedures like periodontal disease treatment for the better, allowing our team to remove diseased tissue and infection in an exceptionally precise and comfortable fashion. Bleeding is minimized, and the healing process is accelerated by the laser’s sterilizing qualities. Most patients will recover on a much faster timetable than they would following traditional surgery.