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Root Canal Therapy in Copperas Cove

The words “root canal” tends to strike fear in many patients’ hearts, but the truth is that today’s technology and advanced techniques have helped this service become more comfortable and successful than ever before. When a tooth becomes so badly damaged that infection is allowed to reach the vulnerable “pulp” layer, extraction may become a very real possibility unless root canal therapy can correct the problem. Our doctors here at Benchmark Family Dental can provide this service to protect your natural teeth and keep smiling brightly.

During the root canal treatment process, the inner chamber of your tooth will be carefully accessed so that diseased pulp and bacteria can be cleaned away and replaced with a safe, biocompatible substance. Then, the tooth is sealed to reduce the risk of further infection and typically restored with a custom dental crown for added protection. The finished result is a preserved natural tooth that feels great again and a strong sense of reinvigorated oral health.

Patients from all over Central Texas are encouraged to contact our Copperas Cove, Tx practice today if you think you may be in need of root canal therapy or other restorative services. You deserve personalized, comfortable care that exceeds your expectations!