Sedation Dentistry – Copperas Cove, TX

Take the Edge Off Your Dental Experience

Overcoming dental anxiety and fear is a struggle for many patients. Maybe you had a bad experience at the dentist as a child, or perhaps the sights and sounds are just too much for you. Whatever the reason, our dental team wants to provide quality care in a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. Sedation dentistry at our Copperas Cove, TX dental office can take the edge off of negative emotions and allow patients to feel at ease. Contact us today to learn more!


Why Choose Benchmark Family Dental and Orthodontics for Sedation Dentistry?

  • Team Members Trained in Providing Exceptional Customer Service
  • Experienced Dentists Using the Latest Technology
  • Patient Comfort Is Always Our Top Priority


Nitrous Oxide Dental Sedation 

Dental patient receiving nitrous oxide sedation dentistry

Also known as “laughing gas,” nitrous oxide is the ideal choice for patients with mild to moderate anxiety. Administered through a mask that fits over the nose; all you have to do is inhale. Within minutes, you’ll begin to feel relaxed, allowing our team to perform the necessary dental work. The effects wear off just as quickly as they begin once the mask is removed, which means you can resume normal activity following your appointment.