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An Unmatched Referral Network Offering Advanced Services

One major disadvantage of being referred to an outside office is your family dentist cannot be directly involved in all phases of treatment. That is why Benchmark Family Dental has partnered with Fossum Dental Group to offer patients advanced dental treatments and start-to-finish treatment planning! Best of all, we work closely with the Fossum Dental Group doctors and team to always ensure your dental care is coordinated and caring. Explore the different services we're able to offer with this unique partnership below!

Sleep Apnea Therapy

Many patients don’t even realize that a dental office can effectively treat sleep apnea – but it’s true! Wherever you are in your journey with this frustrating, dangerous condition (you’re struggling with chronic snoring and daytime exhaustion, you’ve been diagnosed but can’t tolerate traditional CPAP treatment, etc.), customized oral appliance therapy can provide real relief and help patients achieve the deep, uninterrupted rest they need by comfortably repositioning their airway and/or tongue.

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PerioLase/LANAP Soft-Tissue Laser

If left untreated, periodontal disease (also known as gum disease) can cause severe damage to oral health and natural teeth. With high-tech laser therapy, patients can finally achieve relief in minimally invasive, comfortable ways. The Periolase® and LANAP® are designed to operate at a certain wavelength that targets dangerous bacteria and provides valuable decontamination to the tooth roots and gum pockets, helping new connective bone and tissue form in the process. They promote faster healing and improve recovery time as well.

Traditional Orthodontics

Today, traditional braces are still a durable, cost-effective option for children, teenagers, and adults who are in need of significant tooth correction to achieve a straighter, healthier smile. Patients undergoing this reliable treatment will have silver brackets attached to the affected teeth and orthodontic wires added with elastic bands that are designed to facilitate the movement of teeth at a gradual pace. Younger patients will surely enjoy being able to select their favorite colored bands to wear throughout the process, with more neutral colors available for image-conscious adults.

Advanced IV Sedation

While our sedative methods are effective in most cases when it comes to helping nervous or frightened patients feel genuinely at ease throughout their dental care, there are some situations where it’s not enough to create the atmosphere they need. For severe instances of dental-related anxiety or overly lengthy procedures, our team may recommend advanced IV sedation with Fossum Dental Group for the ideal comfort experience. The necessary medication is delivered intravenously and can be altered if needed for safety reasons, creating a deep sense of relaxation that typically causes partial or full memory loss.

Dental Implants

When it comes to replacing missing teeth, there’s no treatment options that’s more revitalizing, more aesthetically pleasing, or more long-lasting than dental implants. Because of their comprehensive design, implants are able to replicate the entire structure of your natural tooth (not just the white crown on top) for functional, fulfilling results. There are several steps to this transformative process, and our practices will ensure that every single one goes smoothly, from the surgical implant placement to the creation of personalized restorations.

Oral Surgery

Surgical care can be intimidating, and when you’re in need of it, having the support of your family dentist and team close by can make all the difference in improving the experience. At Fossum Dental Group, our patients can receive several in-depth services, including oral pathology (determining the presence of oral cancer and other diseases), bone grafting for dental implant placement, sinus lifts, tooth extraction, and more.