Watch Out for These Signs of Dehydration

July 1, 2022

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Woman drinking from her water bottle during the summer.

Summer is in full swing, and this one’s shaping up to be a scorcher! That said, while you’re out enjoying the warmer weather and sunshine, you should make sure that you’re drinking enough water. Water is the best beverage for your body, and dehydration can bring about some serious oral health consequences if you aren’t careful. That said, some of the signs of dehydration aren’t always obvious! Here’s more from your dentist in Copperas Cove about some of the hard-to-detect signs of dehydration and what you can do to ensure you’re getting enough fluids.

Seven Sneaky Signs of Dehydration

You often begin to feel thirsty by the time you’re already dehydrated! But thirst isn’t the only sign that you might need a drink. Here are seven sneaky signs of dehydration that you should watch out for:

  1. Bad breath/dry mouth – Your mouth relies on saliva to keep harmful bacteria out; if left unchecked, bacteria can dry out your mouth and cause bad breath.
  2. Headaches – Even mild dehydration can lead to headaches and sometimes migraines.
  3. Muscle cramps – Walking around on a hot day can lead to a cramp or painful charley horse if you aren’t hydrated.
  4. Fatigue – You might have trouble getting quality rest and you might suffer from lack of energy.
  5. Hunger – The same region of your brain that controls hunger also controls thirst; sometimes after eating, you might feel hungry again if you’re dehydrated.
  6. Cold/flu-like symptoms – You could experience dizziness, lightheadedness, nausea, chills, fever, or other cold- & flu-like symptoms.
  7. Dark-colored urine – If you’re hydrated, your urine should be clear or pale yellow in color. If it’s a darker shade of yellow, it’s time for a glass of water.

Advice for Staying Properly Hydrated

Your body is mostly made up of water—so it makes a lot of sense that it’s the best thing you can possibly drink. That said, drink it often! There is no set rule for how much water you should drink every day, but definitely drink when you’re thirsty and be mindful of your fluid intake throughout the day. Staying properly hydrated is important for many reasons, but among them is your oral health; having enough saliva greatly reduces your risk of tooth decay, cavities, gum disease, and more. Consider the following tips:

  • Drink water in advance of playing sports, exercising, or spending time outdoors.
  • Carry a refillable water bottle with you for when you’re out and about.
  • Try to drink tap water when you can; it often has fluoride added to it which directly benefits your oral health by re-mineralizing your tooth enamel.

Staying hydrated matters and drinking enough water can sometimes slip our minds. That said, knowing the consequences of not getting enough fluids and taking measures to stay properly hydrated will go a long way towards protecting your body and your smile.

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