Dentist in Copperas Cove Says Don’t Forget Your Dental Benefits!

October 6, 2018

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A man at his dental appointment.Did you know that millions of people don’t use their dental benefits every year? In fact, an overwhelming majority of Americans don’t use 100 percent of their benefits, often because they aren’t even aware that they have them! According to the National Association of Dental Plans, only 2.8 percent of participants with PPO dental plans met or exceeded their annual maximum.

Instead of letting insurance companies profit off of your lack of use, consider these tips from a dentist in Copperas Cove on getting the most out of your dental benefits.

The Importance of Prevention

When it comes to dental treatments, preventive forms are always the more ideal options because they help you avoid dental emergencies later. They also prevent the need for complex and often very expensive restorative treatments. For example, according to a study conducted by Cigna on improving health and lowering medical costs, every dollar spent on preventive care could save between $8 and $50 in restorative and emergency treatments.

Furthermore, you aren’t only getting your teeth and gums checked out when you show up for an exam. The dentist is also confirming that no signs of other systemic diseases are present, including oral cancer, heart disease, diabetes, malnutrition, acid reflux, temporomandibular joint disorder, teeth grinding and clenching, and many other debilitating conditions.

Now that you understand why prevention matters, consider the facts on dental plans and how you and your family can benefit.

Tips To Maximizing Your Benefits

To start, confirm what your dental needs are from the dentist. Ask them if you only need preventive treatments and not restorative treatments like crowns or fillings. Make sure you have a clear idea of what your oral health status is now so you can determine what should come next.

Then, take a closer look at the benefits you have left. These typically include treatments like cleanings, examinations, X-rays, fluoride varnishes, oral cancer screenings and other preventive treatments. Keep in mind these treatments are usually covered anywhere from 80 to 100 percent by insurance, but confirm this through a dental insurance expert at the practice or with your insurance company directly beforehand. Ask to have an explanation of benefits filled out as well.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late!

One of the most common reasons people don’t maximize their dental benefits is because they don’t set aside enough time to visit the practice. Not only does this mean you won’t have the time to visit, but the dentist is more likely to have their entire schedule filled.

To prevent this, it’s important that you start acknowledging the benefits you have in the fall season, then make an effort to schedule appointments that are convenient in the following year. Spring is ideal because it aligns with the fall season, giving you time to go over your benefits. If you have children, get them scheduled in the summer when they have break; once winter rolls around, they’ll be on winter break as well.

Maxing out your benefits is easy when you know the right steps to take. Schedule an appointment today to do the most for your oral health!

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Dr. Daniel Caraveo earned his DDS degree from the Baylor College of Dentistry. He does everything he can to make paying for treatments with dental insurance simple and straightforward. To learn more about his team members who make it happen or about his practice, you can contact him through his website.

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